Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to get goods across the border?

A: Cross border shipping is easier than most think. There is minimal paperwork required and Border Bound Inc. will walk you through the process to ensure things run smoothly.

Q: How long can I expect the transit time to be on cross border shipments?

A: While there are occasional delays at the border, mostly caused by volume, transit times are rarely affected due to border crossings.

Q: Why do prices vary by region?

A: Supply and demand dictate freight rates for each region. Areas that have an abundance of freight leaving the region will be less expensive to ship into, where as, regions with little freight to reload trucks coming out, tend to be more expensive. Complete our easy form for customized shipping quotes for your next shipment.

Q: How much notice is required to have a shipment picked up?

A: In most cases we can have a truck in transit within the hour. If you’re open for business, we’ll get a truck to you.

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